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ParikshaHelp has always tried to help jiitians but now its your turn to help us. Kindly tell us the improvements and suggestions for



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We are a team from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) 62 & 128. We are taking this initiative to make it easy for our juniors. Moreover, it will be really helpful for everyone to get all the notices, event details and SM ONLINE on

We are now going through a lot of changes and soon we will be back on track.




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Previous Year Papers

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2nd Yr               3rd Semester (T1 T2 T3)                4th Semester  (T1 T2 T3)
3rd Yr                5th Semester (T1 T2 T3)                6th Semester (T1 T2 T3)
4th Yr                7th Semester (Coming soon)         8th Semester (T1)

JBS Previous Year Papers

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2nd Yr        Coming Soon


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