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1. Please change my centre of counselling/Counselling date

• Change of venue/date is not possible due to technical reasons. Please note that counselling is not being carried out simultaneously at all the campuses but is being done sequentially as per the merit i.e. 1st 4000 ranks at JIIT, Noida then next 2500 at JUIT, Wakanghat and last 2000 at JUET, Guna.
• However, all the seats for all Institutes / programs / branches shall be allotted (if available) at all the campuses wherever you may be attending the counselling in your own turn.
• Thus, you will see that unless the top rankers finish we cannot hold the counselling for lower ranks.
• It is thus evident that neither the counselling centre nor the date can be changed
• No proxy counselling is permitted irrespective of medical conditions or otherwise.
• The date wise calls at respective centres is as follows

Date-wise invitations for Counseling 2012

Ser. No. Category No. of Candidates Jaypee Rank AIEEE Rank Date Venue
From To From To
1 SC 175 1 175 6142 217078 29 June 2012 JIIT, Noida
2 ST 19 1 19 30981 210541 29 June 2012 JIIT, Noida
3 GEN 3200 1 3200 28 56645 29 June 2012 JIIT, Noida
4 GEN 800 3201 4000 56685 66879 30 June 2012 JIIT, Noida
5 GEN 1250 4001 5250 66913 84328 1 July 2012 JUIT, Waknaghat
6 GEN 1250 5251 6500 84333 103093 2 July 2012 JUIT, Waknaghat
Travel Time—3rd & 4th July 2012
1 SC 77 176 252 217289 294828 5 July 2012 JUET, Guna
2 ST 13 20 32 227253 296068 5 July 2012 JUET, Guna
7 GEN 1000 6501 7500 103118 119345 5 July 2012 JUET, Guna
8 GEN 1000 7501 8500 119362 138281 6 July 2012 JUET, Guna

2 I have been called at Guna or Waknaghat for counselling. I want seat only at JIIT,Noida
Read answer 1 above. It is reiterated that you are eligible to take seat of any of the Institutes/program/branch, if available when your turn comes.
3 How will I know the availability of seats when my turn comes?
The progression of counselling shall be available live on the web site ( starting on 29th June. The data shall be updated every 5 minutes. You must see it and plan your move accordingly.


4 What are my Chances of getting seat?
The maximum rank up-to which a seat was allotted during counselling last year and later upgraded is as per table below. You may make suitable assumptions.

CSE 35352 68375 50311 89703
ECE 35104 59841 46727 76289
IT 40067 59766
DUAL-CSE 43248
BIOTECH 88352 73326
DUAL-BIO 106407 91527
BINFO 105742
CIVIL 59988 85164


ECE 42837 99445 56583 105452
CSE 43418 106530 60069 106621
IT 58051 86492
BT 103910 76134
CE 73388 105525
MEC 102040
CHE 105115

5 What about my chance in second round of counselling
No second round of counselling is being planned as of now
6 I have lost my admit card in original or I do not have the original result cards
You need to have one of the original documents issued by CBSE (AIEEE) with your photo affixed i.e. either the Admit card or the Result Card.
7 I have not filled AIEEE based application Form of Jaypee Institutes. Can I fill now?
No. Now that the Results of AIEEE have been announced, we cannot take any more forms due to reasons of locking the data for the purpose of meriting.
8 AICTE/UGC approval
We are a Deemed University U/S 3 of UGC act. Please see following document of the MHRD loaded on our web link
Aradhana Please load
9 What shall be the Counselling Procedure
This is available to selected students on the web site. However if you have missed it Please Click here To be linked with document
10 Sample Choice proforma
Please Click here To be linked with document
11 What if I do not initially get the choice institute / program / branch
You shall be entitled for the upgradation of institute / program / branch under following condition:
(a) It shall be strictly as per choices filled in the choice proforma submitted at the time of counselling in order of AIEEE rank merit.
(b) Once you are awarded higher choice than you cannot opt for the lower choice.
(c) In case you have frozen the current status of your institute / program / branch then you shall not be allowed to change the option or participate in the upgradation process.
(d) Conversely if you have not frozen the option and you are upgraded then you shall not be allowed to retain the old status. IN other words, you should exercise the option of freezing / upgradation very carefully and in due time.
(e) In case of change of Institute and if you have been allotted a hostel in the previous one then you may not automatically get the hostel in the new Institute. You need to register your request in the new institute.
(f) After date of registration i.e. 17 July, 2012 you shall be allowed to participate in upgradation only, if you have registered in the previously allotted Institute.